We’ve put together a comprehensive guide to what you need to do to ensure you pass insurance approval. Please ensure you can pass insurance approval before placing your booking as once booked you’ve entered into a legal binding agreement will be liable for all costs. You will need to upload your driver details and relevant documents at least 1 week before your booking is due to commence via this webpage: https://explorze.co.uk/submit-driver-details. If you have any questions please contact us.

Before a hire can commence we need the following:

  • Copy of the photo card drivers’ licence (Address & ID must be up to date)
  • Online licence check code ( https://www.gov.uk/view-driving-licence)
  • Two proof of address from separate sources
  • Cleared a traceable security deposit (We pre authorise your credit/debit card)
  • Signed rental agreement
  • From 1st August 2021, Green Cards will no longer be mandatory for driving within EU. We must arrange a VE103 certificate and there is a £100 charge for European travel to cover the extra admin and costs involved.

Additional criteria:

  • Must be between 21 and 79 and have at least 2 years driving experience (Full UK, EU, AU, US, CA, NZ & SA licence types).
  • Two, 3 point convictions are acceptable (i.e. 2x SP30’s, 3pts each) without referral.
  • Single 4 point offences are acceptable without referral and subject to standard terms.
  • Single 6 point SP30, SP50 and CU80 convections are acceptable subject to a £1000 excess. All other 6 points+ offences will require referral to the insurers.
  • No more than one fault or outstanding incident/claim in the last three years.

Proof of address

You must provide a total of 2 proofs of address from the following:

  • Electricity (bill/statement)
  • Water (bill/statement)
  • Gas (bill/statement)
  • Broadband/Landline
  • Council tax
  • TV licence
  • Bank Statement
  • Credit card bill / statement
  • Mortgage statement
  • Polling card
  • HMRC self-assessment / tax credit
  • Student loan
  • Shotgun licence
  • Payslip
  • Mobile Phone Bills
  • Pension letters
  • Car Finance Statement
  • Loan Statement
  • Property deed

An annual council tax bill will be accepted. All other documents must be dated within 90 days of the hire date. The address & name on your licence must match both documents.

What is declined?

Any document relating to insurance and any document that does not meet the above mentioned criteria – please contact us if you are unsure. (further criteria may apply – please review the most recent documentation issued by insurers).