We’ve compiled our frequently asked questions in the form of helpful Q&A’s to support you whilst out on your travels, please remember if you can’t find what you’re looking for or need further help please call the support number to talk to us.

Stock photo of the Explorze Hymer Free Campervan

Hymer Voyager Campervan

How do I turn on the electrics in the living area of the campervan?

You should check the control panel above the sliding door. Is it switched on? Does the leisure batter have charge in it? If there is no power to that control panel i.e it is not lighting up then there could be a problem with the 12v system, please call us.

How do I switch on the gas?

You need to go to the backdoors of the van, open the gas compartment door and open the valve on the regulator attached to the gas bottle, gas will now flow through the pipes. Please note you must not drive with the gas bottle regulator open.

How do I empty the waste water?

You need to open the valve with the L shape tool inside the passenger door pocket. The valve is located just underneath the van on the nearside roughly underneath the toilet cassette compartment door. Turn it to open, carefully, you will then hear/see the waste water dropping onto the floor, please ensure you’re in a suitable area for this.

How do I turn on the fridge?

The fridge is turned on my holding your finger on the power symbol on the black display at the top of the fridge, you’ll then see a staggered set of boxes ranging from small to large, slide your finger along these – smallest is the lowest setting, biggest is the highest setting.